Underrated Video Games About Space, Evolving, Universe and Everything in Between

Interested in playing games that puts you in the shoes of being a god simulating the world? The idea of large scale simulations is not new. However, doing them well is another story. There have been many attempts over the years to scratch the itch of video gamers wanting to play the role of a creator of space and universe. Some have failed, some have fared better than others.

Katamari Damacy

Little known to US audience but a massive hit in Japan, Katamari Damacy was a Namco backed video game for Playstation 2. For an era when it was defined by restrictive game-plays, Katamari Damacy was a truly groundbreaking game that was all about opening up the sandbox and playing it out to your heart’s desires. Your role as an intergalactic traveler was to rebuild the planets and moons, with the dreams of floating through the space endlessly.

If you were a fan of the original game or missed out on it, then you’d be delighted to know that Namco has decided to release the game for Android and iOS. That’s right, the game is titled Tap My Katamari. Little is known about the game but it is still under-development and we don’t doubt it will be as good if not better than the original.


Control the Playertoid and seize other asteroids and planets to become bigger and more influential. This Spore inspired game was an indie-game that was for Windows and had many elements similar to Spores. You start off as a little rock then you fly through the space and start absorbing other, smaller objects around you. Pretty soon, you become the size of big asteroids or super-stars. Navigating your way through the universe and floating through is a joy, with Kubrick-esque feel and style of 2001.


The original game Spores was possibly one of the most anticipated games until its release. Created by Will Wright of Maxis fame, Spores was promised to be an open world game that was all about being in control of the evolving creature that you grow and populate. Combining many elements and themes of other god-simulation games, Spores was a mixed bag of disappointments and innovation.

The game was largely criticized for being a very thin experience and unable to deliver the depth it promised. For the most part, that was reserved but after all the fan-fare it had, it was almost impossible to satisfy the imaginations that had gone wild in the minds of the Spore fans.

To this author’s opinion, Spores is due for a revamped release and this time for mobile devices.